What We Do

UrbanHouse Media is an award-winning public relations firm offering a full spectrum of media marketing communication tools for building credible brand visibility.

media communications

We pride ourselves on the excellent management of communication to targeted stakeholders/ media through the use of both traditional and non-traditional media channels, to ensure maximum influence and effectiveness of your brand’s message.


The modern humans’ penchant for sharing their likes and dislikes and thirst for instant information at the touch of a button, has made the social media space a powerful one for brand messaging. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn are crucial for your brand and all in day’s work for us.


We partner with you in developing effective and novel PR strategies with the intention of communicating with target media and the securing of meaningful, brand driven exposure in this media.


Seminars, exhibitions, media launches, media educationals and corporate events are all services we provide for a broad spectrum of clients past and present.


A well written press release, crafted for your target media is worth more than its weight in gold. We tailor every single media release, with your target media in mind, taking into account your brand’s unique message and the culture of the media you want to talk to.


In today’s technology-driven world its best to think like a girl scout and plan ahead by drafting of a proactive crisis communications strategy as part of your brand’s 360 degree PR policy.


Oh the power of the internet. Never a truer word spoken and one that applies to building your brand, establishing credibility and ensuring your unique message is heard. Our digital PR strategies form part of our 360 degree media communication plan for your brand.


No PR is more powerful than the word of mouth. Close behind this are your people. Creating a culture in your company is about effective, authentic and credible communication and often a vital element in building your brand’s public persona. Our in-house PR tactics are developed to mirror your external strategies to ensure a consistent brand message.