“If we all do our bit, a little becomes a lot” – Cindy Kidger; Director
The Hillcrest Advice Bureau and Bursary Fund (HABandBF)
The HABandBF is an inspiring KwaZulu-Natal based NPO providing underprivileged and impoverished students, wanting to attend university, with the opportunity to do so. For us at UrbanHouse Media we believe in the power and hope of education and as such when we heard about the work the HABandBF does, we decided to help in the way we know best. We are responsible for, and manage, media communications for the HABandBF with the intention of securing meaningful articles in the media in order to assist the HABandBF with reaching potential sponsors and donors. “The ultimate goal of the hard-working members of this NPO is to break children out of the cycle of poverty and ensure they find a good career. They may not change the world, but they can change their own world,” says Tanya Harvey, chairperson of the HABandBF.


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170 Victoria Road, Pietermaritzburg, KZN

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