The Hybrid Diet: 2019’S Hottest health secret

The Hybrid Diet: 2019’S Hottest health secret

The ever-increasing global epidemic of obesity, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease has led to groundbreaking new research into how the body processes calories. Overthrowing predominant dieting theories, The Hybrid Diet, the latest book and diet by international nutrition expert Patrick Holford, has already generated an international surge of interest in its practical, cutting-edge approach to nutrition.

Co-authored by award-winning UK medical and health journalist Jerome Burne, The Hybrid Diet outlines a revolutionary nutrition plan based on the latest research into the body’s processing of calories.

“Our body’s evolutionary design is two-fold: we generate energy from the glucose in carbohydrates and ketones from our body fat. The key to preventing fat storage and a healthy metabolism is alternating between a ‘slow’-carb and high-fat diet,” says Holford.

According to Holford and Burne, the public have been misguided into thinking the solution to weight loss is to eat less fat.

“It is painfully obvious that this remedy isn’t working. The less you eat, the hungrier and more exhausted you feel, and as a result you are less likely to do any exercise and burn the calories you have eaten,” says Holford.

“When your blood sugar level rises too high, the excess is dumped into storage as fat, and then when your blood sugar level plummets, you feel hungry. That’s why modern man is getting fatter and sicker,” says Holford.

Holford, known for his low-GL or ‘slow’-carbohydrate eating plan, has been developing, testing and improving this approach for 30 years, while Burne has spent the past five years investigating the science, research and politics behind the ketogenic, high-fat and low-carb diets.

The Hybrid Diet consists of alternating between two eating plans – firstly a carbohydrate-free, high in healthy fats ketogenic diet, and secondly a low-GL, wholefood and wholegrain carbohydrate diet. These diets are interchanged for the first two weeks; thereafter, the diets work on a rotation of one week of ketogenic diet followed by three weeks low-GL diet, and so the cycle repeats.

“Think of these two diets as doing nutritional yoga and keeping your metabolism flexible. When you stop eating carbohydrates for a week (the ketogenic diet), your muscles burn fat for energy, including your own body fat, and your cells are rejuvenated. When you then switch to the low-GL diet, and eat low-GL carbohydrates (whole foods and not refined) in the right quantity, your glucose level stays even, and you feel satisfied,” says Holford.

The Hybrid Diet provides a comprehensive guide to how the body derives, and processes, energy efficiently from food. It also includes a diverse range of nutritious and practical recipes for breakfasts, snacks, lunches, dinners and drinks.

“In our book, we explain how and why combining a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet and a ‘slow-carb’ diet does more for your health and weight management than just one of these diets on their own,” says Holford.

The Hybrid Diet will be available in May at leading bookstores nationwide. For more information on The Hybrid Diet, weight loss, healthy nutrition and Patrick Holford’s range of supplements, visit