A step-by-step guide on scheduling Facebook posts

A step-by-step guide on scheduling Facebook posts

Creating content for your social media platforms is hard enough without having to remember when to post it… but luckily, Facebook has a built-in scheduling solution, that is both a brilliant time saver and easy to manage.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting you started:

  1. Navigate to the Facebook Page you are wanting to post onto
  2. Create your post as you usually would, by entering your text in the ‘Write a post’ section and include your designed image or video
  3. Here’s the fun part; instead of selecting ‘Publish’ click on the little drop down alongside and select ‘Schedule’
  4. Now you will be able to select a preferred date and time that you want the post to go live
  5. Last but not least, select ‘Schedule’… And there you have it; your post is now scheduled to go out on the date and time you indicated without you having to do another thing!

*Bonus tip: you can follow the same steps above and schedule Facebook posts straight from your phone.

So, that’s Facebook scheduling folks – it’s that easy! Saving you time and keeping your Facebook page up-to-date with fresh content. Still feel like you haven’t quite got the hang of it? Join us on our next Social Media 101 Workshop for a hands-on look at Facebook and Instagram.

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